Friday, January 20, 2017

Hello 2017.

Yeah, I know it's already the third week into the new year.
But nothing has really changed.

x I am still 1133.5 kilometers away from the husband. And seeing him involves video calls, money for flights and long school holidays.
x I still get depressed from staying at the place where I work. alone.
x I still despise waking up to school.
x I still have the strength to drive 2.5 hours back and forth my hometown - workplace every weekend, even though my heart aches so much when going back to the place which I don't belong.
x I still have the jealousy when other people get something that I am wishing for. But of course, I don't blame them.
x I am still self-centered, ignorant and dumb-dumb sometimes.
x I still haven't lost any weight.
x I am still waiting for miracles to happen.

I am aware that we need to make the year a good one. But wouldn't hurt to pray for miracles, rather than losing faith :(

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