Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our ROM ❤

A sequel to 'Our Process to ROM'.

210416. The ROM day.

Both the smartly-dressed ex-fiance and I were there at JPN Office/Building at 8.30, together with our two witnesses (parents). We had not taken our breakfast, so we went to the cafeteria in the building behind (Block A), in which I painfully walked to, in my brand new high heels.

Ok, so 9am, we headed back to the main building and up to the fourth floor. Went to the counter first to get the remaining documents settled; original IC/Mykad of the couple and two witnesses (together a copy of their IC each), then waited for our turn for the ceremony. We were the first couple of the day!

After about 10 seemingly-long minutes of wait, we were called into the room, where the ceremony will take place.

The simple set-up of pelamin/dais for the ROM.

We were then seated in front of the JPN officer and listened attentively to her instructions. Then, each of us signed two marriage registrars, including the witnesses.

The officer would then officiate the ceremony, and we are legal husband and wife! All that, only within 10-15 minutes! Exchange of rings may be done at this time, but we did not have time to look for them. It is not really necessary, so..yeah.

 Mr. and Mrs. ❤

So, that was unexpectedly brief. A wedding is a day, but a marriage is a lifetime.

Special thanks to the parents for being the witnesses, and to my friend who took some time off his work to witness this special day, and to help capture this moment.

Next would be the reception, which would be few months away. Stressful, yes. I would definitely turn to a bridezilla, especially when the venue is not at my hometown. But that will be another story :)

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