Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 2015 ♥

Get the hint?

In case you don't get it,

I'm getting married engaged!

Anyway, it is the school holidays (finally), so I should have time for a post. And apparently, an announcement. The event is one week away. I have been stressing out of it for weeks. Searching for items, planning the budget, doing researches, etc, while I was away from home, still on duty (for work) and the other half being hundreds of miles away. But I managed to go back home on weekends to take care of the necessary things, like buying stuff and decorating the hantaran (dowry) by myself. Oh, and I never knew finding a proper outfit for myself could be so difficult. Yeah, all that is enough to get me stressed out. Now, I'm just waiting for the days to go by towards the day of the event.

Will update on the event soon. Toodles! 

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