Thursday, December 31, 2015

A heavy heart.

With the new school term coming, and not all of school work have been completed, here I am sitting in front of this laptop, listening to sad acoustic covers, dreading to go back to the place of work. That dreadful 2.5 hours drive. That solemn and lonely place to live, where the body only exists there, but the mind and soul are not. The place where I have few friends and a number of relatives, but can't really reach out to, where all the love ones being miles away. The place in which I feel out of place of, most of the time. Every (week) day, wake up at 5am, go to school by 6.30am, start class at 7am, stealing time for a break here and there, finish school by 2pm, sometimes continue the day with endless meetings/courses and tuition classes, last minute work being asked (which really drives me crazy), extra school programs, pressure from administration, and so much more. The hectic school life during the weekdays is enough to get me depressed and get me willing to drive back to hometown every weekend. At some weekends, I won't be able to go back home because there is work commitment, which is another thing that drives me nuts. At night during the weekdays, I find solace in music, drawing, long distance calls with the fiance and sleep; and counting days towards the school holidays.
Don't tell me to be strong because I know I will not be, at least not for long.


  1. we all feel the same way after a long holiday...

    1. It's not just after a long holiday; it's every week.