Friday, December 18, 2015

12.12.15. The Engagement Day.

12.12.2015. Saturday.
The day I obtained the title 'Fiancee'.

The event started around 10.45am, with the presence of the village chief, Mr.Michael. The then-boyfriend and his family members/relatives came afterwards.

Self-made hantaran.

Flower bouquet by Mama Florist & Gift Shop.

 Cake and cupcakes by Elizabeth Home Baked Cakes.

After much discussion and form-filling by both of us and our witnesses, we put on the ring on each other's finger and cut the cake.

And it is official!

All went well, despite the all the stress weeks before the event. I got my makeup done by my cousin, Charlotte and hired karaoke from a cousin, Cliff. (You can contact them if you are searching for makeup and karaoke services). I am thankful that all went well, and to all the relatives and friends for being there for the special day.


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