Thursday, November 13, 2014


Celebrated the 25th years of existing on planet Earth, yesterday with a bunch of colleagues.

Received a cute (pink) cake.

Gained few kilograms from days of eating out, feasts & celebration.

Although I missed home dearly yesterday and was thinking of all the places I could go for shopping, but I am glad to have a circle of friends here after a year of working here in a foreign place for me. Also, the kids students I can pick up to accompany me to go anywhere or to help me with something. Kind of feeling guilty for keeping away from people these days due to busyness to finish all the remaining work for this school term. Next week will be the final week for this school term, and I will be stuck here for additional 3 days for a course.

To be a bit optimistic, I can sing my lungs out all day long at home since my housemate will already be at her home. Yeah, sing aloud. All alone. For more than 3 days (-.-")

Anyway, I haven't finished the cake. Anyone want some? Lol.