Wednesday, November 12, 2014


With nothing really exciting to do here at Sipitang, I have picked up a new interest: gym. I only know two gyms around the town here, but I often go to the one in the town where it's nearer to my place. The other one is farther away but the place is more hype and yes, more packed with gym-goers, especially bodybuilders, that we might fight over the treadmills. Kidding.

The one I often go to charges as low as RM3 for the first hour and RM5 for subsequent hour. In late evening, it will usually filled with bodybuilders, which I assume are policemen and firemen from the town's stations. So, there is a chance to 'cuci mata' a bit.

The privilege of enjoying sea view from the gym window.
But at times, we can see all the rubbish lining up on the shore. So sad.

I love it most when I have my gym buddies with me. I don't really have the motivation to go without a company. And these days, my gym buddies are busy (preparing for their marriage, I would say). So gym and I are taking the season off T_T

I should pick up my courage to sign up to a gym this school holiday T_T

Those who would like to accompany me (around Penampang) are welcomed to do so :D

Oh yeah, it's my birthday! Kbai.


  1. Hey, come to Putatan!

    I'll accompany you. cewah~ :D

    1. When do you usually go? Tapi Putatan is jammed ba, huhu T_T

  2. Replies
    1. Ya best tgk time running on the treadmill.