Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An abusive marriage.

Heard a story in class of a fellow teacher's abusive marriage today. I have known from a friend earlier that the husband is abusing the wife mentally and psychologically, but I did not dare to think of physical abuse, even though it would likely to happen. The infamous husband is also a casanova, who would put out his pick up lines on every woman he encounter, even on a pregnant woman. And yes it's true. I have seen him trying to hit on my fellow colleague before.

The couple married young; when she was 21 years old. And that was around 7 to 8 years ago. They have 4 kids now; all boys.

The wife is a tall, fair and skinny woman. And everytime I see her in our weekly class, I see this tired, out-of-energy woman but she always focus towards the lesson and do the tasks and activities set by our trainer. She is also a dedicated mother who would take her time to get the children to and from school.

Now, just imagine taking care of four young boys, going to a whole-day class every week, doing teachings and other administrative work at the school and coming home to an abusive & psychotic man; a total asshole.

Today in class, I saw her bruised arm and another blue bruise on her cheek. He had threatened her with a knife and hit her inside the bedroom. Her colleague told us that the wife came once to the school with one of her kids, wearing a pair of sunglasses. She has recently filed a police report. Then, the idiotic husband made another police report against the wife for an unknown reason. In the long lines of the report, he accused his wife for putting a scratch on his shoes and also accusing others for that same action, which is extremely ridiculous.

I carry with me the thinking that the worst kind of species in this world is abusive men. I hope that justice will prevail and she and the children would be able to stay away safely from the sick man. I think any one who is being abused mentally, physically & psychologically should open up to someone and get help immediately before anything worse happens.


  1. OMG. Kesian the wife. T.T
    She's a very strong woman. Hopefully she and her children can get justice and remove that mothafacka from their life!

    1. Ya I agree! I hope the wife & children can live better without the monster in their life.