Monday, September 29, 2014


Such a long hiatus. And I apologize for that. It is really a freaking busy year at the school; classes, activities, courses and all that shit. And I am really looking forward for the SPM examination to start because then, all the other students will be away and I can dance up and down the school stairs with no one watching. Lol, kidding.

Being an entity in the school, as an individual not as a teacher, seems depressing these days. I have all these kids to entertain and of course, to annoy me. But I have already 'lost' two people (adults) at the school who I always talked to about certain things which I don't share with other close friends. Only if I have THAT many of close friends. For now, I am this floating, mindless soul or rather a zombie at the school. So I am either in the class, tapau food from the canteen, letting out my 'sorrow' at the toilet or hiding in my cubicle which I wish a little bit more private so people forget I exist and so that the kids don't treat me like the information counter.


Anyyyyway, I bought a television! Finally! Hurray for civilization! But Astro will come in later. I have no idea how long I have to wait for them to come and install it. Until then, I would probably play my Zumba videos out of my portable hardisk and Zumba by myself in the room. Lol.

I think that is all from me now. I am actually blogging while speed-walking on the treadmill. Lol. Need to run now. Literally.

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