Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuaran Town: Tuaran Mee & 1Malaysia Festival

1Malaysia Festival (Pesta 1Malaysia dan Tamu Besar Tuaran 2013) was held on 21 - 22 December 2013 at the town of Tuaran. Its aim is to promote Tuaran as a prime tourism destination in Sabah.

Since I did not have anything better to do than to laze around the house on a Sunday afternoon, I went to check the festival out last Sunday. But I must say, the festival was not my main reason to drive 45 minutes from Kota Kinabalu city to this town. The main reason was this...

TUARAN MEE (or Tuaran Fried Noodle)!
At the once-featured-on-Astro restaurant, Lok Kyun Restaurant. Egg noodle, topped with Char Siew (roasted pork slices), Chun Juan (egg roll slices), Shao Rou (more pork!) and vegetables. Best consumed once it is out of the wok. Apparently, this was my second time eating here. I did not know this was a popular spot for Tuaran Mee.

Then, to the festival spot.
Nothing really interesting. Just stalls selling food, drinks, clothes, bags, etc.

There were performances by local artistes in the hall, Dewan Sri Sulaman, nearby but I did not go to check it out.

Second stop for food: Sri Rasa Restaurant, in front of Milimewa Superstore, for some some pau. Not mine, though. After that, we headed back to the city.

For a list of events coming up around Sabah in 2014, you can check out Sabah Tourism Board website HERE :)

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