Friday, December 20, 2013

Pancake House International, Karamunsing Complex

Pancake House International, if you don't know yet, is an international brand; a franchise from the Philippines. This is my second time having a meal at this restaurant, the same branch (Karamunsing complex, Kota Kinabalu); this time it was because I was craving for some pancakes/waffles instead of heavier meals, like noodles or oil-cooked food. Another branch in Sabah is at 1Borneo Hypermall, which I have never been to, because it always looks empty when I walk past the restaurant.

So, this time, I ordered Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle (RM8.80).
 I poured all the caramel syrup on top of the soft waffle, the bits of walnuts and the small bit of cream. Oh so YUMMY! But I waited for like, 15 minutes for this T_T

Spaghetti Club Special Set (RM15.90) for my mum.

The set comes with a bowl of soup and a glass of iced lemon tea.
The taste of that one piece of cucumber filled the whole bowl, overpowering the actual taste of the soup.

Despite the long waiting time for the waffle, I'll probably come back for some sweet fixes - waffles, pancakes. Or ice cream sandwiched inside a fold-over waffle. Oooh!


  1. I only went to Pancake House once at 1B branch. Ordered the BBQ chicken with pancake and green salad (I dunno the dish name. haha). Quite expensive tho.

    1. Ya, I also think the waffles & pancakes quite pricey la. Sama juga for other Western dishes. I'll only come here for the waffles & pancakes. For chicken chop/fish & chips, bagus pigi Upperstar, haha..