Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gaya Street Christmas Bazaar 2013

Went to the Christmas Carnival at Lintasan Deasoka / Gaya Street just now. Last night (13 December) was the last day of the carnival of the four-day carnival.

 It was snowing! Well, not 'ice' snow; just 'bubble' snow.

 The Christmas trees!

 Stalls selling food and drinks, clothes, bags, pre-loved items, phone and hair accessories, and so much more.

I was tempted to buy cute, cheap earrings; RM2 per pair but I did not have the mood to explore the pile of gloriously shining jewelleries. And I saw coconut puddings, milky teas, even fried pork sandwiches; I wanted to buy all of those, but I knew that I would be pigging out on these things the next day. Haha.

When there is a carnival/bazaar like this around KK, there will be Caprilla ice cream trucks there! Found one just the moment we stepped to Gaya Street, so bought one.

There will be more Christmas Carnivals / Bazaars happening around Kota Kinabalu City: Christmas Carnival at KDCA hall, Penampang today (14 December), 9am to 9pm. There will be vendor stalls, photo booth, 2-hour charity zumba, and few other attractions and activities.

And another one, Suria Sabah Christmas Bazaar 2013 at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (ground floor) starting today until 31st December 2013.

I could not recall whether I went to the Gaya Christmas Carnival last year. Did I? Haha. I am so forgetful these days T_T And...I have yet to go for Christmas shopping. But every time I go out to the malls, like two days ago, I've been shopping. Does that count? Lol.

Oh! I just love the Christmas decorations and Christmas spirit all around ♥