Monday, December 9, 2013

Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge, Kuala Penyu, Sabah

Had a one-night stay with family at Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge at Kuala Penyu, Sabah; about two hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city. I have never heard of this place before. So I searched on the Internet and read reviews of this place on TripAdvisor, in which it is currently ranked #11 out of 61 specialty lodgings in Kota Kinabalu/Sabah. I did a review on this place on TripAdvisor too; read it here!

The route to the lodge may be tricky. We even got lost even with my GPS because the exact location of the lodge is not available, haha. So, we had to stop by the road side and asked people around for the direction. For hassle-free trip, you can arrange transportation/airport transfer with the lodge to get you there.

Love the architecture of the lodge; like old English houses.

 Down the stairs to the beach! The stairs may be steep and slippery though, especially when it rains. Maybe not suitable for senior citizens and people who have problems with mobility.
 The bar and restaurant.
 The lounge and library.

The room of two single beds. Also includes bathroom with hot shower. No air conditioner, but who needs one when you can enjoy the strong breeze from the sea through the bamboo walls.
 Breakfast is included. Lunch and dinner are available upon booking.
Free flow of coffee/tea/Milo and usage of facilities such as WiFi service, pool game, kayaks, beach mats and chairs, etc.

A place where you can really fall asleep than in the room, with the breeze and sound of wave. Other than lazying around the beach, you can go kayaking, camping, mountain biking, surfing. Sadly, I did not get to do any of these because I cannot swim nor an extreme sports girl. Haha.

During our stay, the guests were only our family and another family from New Zealand. They spent most of the time relaxing by the beach, surfing and kayaking. So, I totally ruled the TV lounge, LOL. It felt like my own private beach.

This place is great for those who want to escape from the buzz of city life and the crowds, and to seek for tranquility and peace of mind. The beach is clean and surrounded with untouched, natural beauty. I would come back here again some time soon, with the other half ;)

You can find the tours and activities available here. For current room rates and other inquiries, you can check out their site or Facebook page and contact them for info.


  1. wow it's such a nice place! didn't know there's such a place in Kuala Penyu. gonna pay a visit someday ^^

    1. I got to know such place in Sabah just recently too. So many hidden gems in Sabah that we don't know about, kan? (I think, haha)

      Yes, you should go visit the place! ;)

  2. I'm not sure if this is correct but mcm ada sense of romance oh this place haha..never been to kuala penyu yet and this place is awesome! really love the lodge pattern and the room looks cozy..thanks for sharing Ashley! :D

    1. Boleh honeymoon ba jga since it's secluded. I love the lodge too!

      My pleasure ;)

  3. Just lovin' this island with its wild nature and extremely friendly people. Hope the nature here remains preserved. Your lodge looks like a nice one for sure, and the food yummy!