Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beijing BBQ Steamboat, Bukit Padang

Beijing open-air Buffet BBQ Steamboat at Bukit Padang is one well-known eatery in Kota Kinabalu. A BBQ and steamboat buffet where you can spoil yourself with over 90 varieties of food for only RM32 per pax (excluding tax). You may need to make a reservation beforehand to avoid frustration, especially during the peak/holiday seasons.

The wide selection of sauces/condiments! Chilli Thai sauce is my favourite ;)
The ready cooked dishes.
Desserts and sushi and I-have-no-idea-what-that-is cooked vegetable/pickle.
They used to serve ice cream but it is not available anymore :(
I mean, ice cream is a perfect dessert, isn't it?
I like to have a taste of every food available. So, here, six/seven different types of noodle, plus some fried dumpling and sweet and sour fish slices. I like the fried Tanghoon the best :D
There are two choices of soup base: Chicken broth and Tom Yam. We chose Tom Yam. It was not too spicy; just nice. The hot pot is quite small, though, for a table of eight.

It was a satisfying dinner. The price is quite affordable too. Perfect for a big-eater. And perfect during the rainy days. Oh ya, not for the faint-hearted - hot oil might just jump onto your face while you are enjoying your meal :P


  1. its been a while i didnt go there, my family tend to take us all to Gayan whenever we want to eat steamboat & seafood..hehe

  2. Yummy~!! Thinking of going there with the family to makan2..