Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Sum-Up Music Mashups!

Music mashups: I LOVE them! And by the end of the year, there will be a number of mashups on YouTube and other music streaming sites. So, for this 2013, I have found three of my favourites.

#1 Rewind 2013 by YouTube Spotlight

Featuring hits of 2013 you surely will recognize: 'The Fox', 'Blurred Lines', 'Can't Hold Us', 'Get Lucky', 'Gentleman' and 'Harlem Shake'. There are also appearances of popular YouTube celebrities such as Ryan Higa, D-Trix, Jimmy Fallon, The Overly Attached Girlfriend and a whole lot more! This is like a collection of parodies of all the popular videos on YouTube throughout this year.

#2 United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy) by DJ Earworm

I've been listening to mashups by DJ Earworm since the previous years. And this is a mashup of 25 biggest hits of 2013 in United States.

#3 Pop Danthology 2013 by Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim (a.k.a kimaginati0n) is also a favourite DJ/producer of mine. This Pop Danthology 2013 mashes up 68 songs of 2013. Like DJ Earworm, he has done Pop Danthology of the previous years.

So, do you like any of these?
Share with me if you know any more interesting mashups of 2013 around YouTube/the Net! :D

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  1. i love all of them! it always amazes me how great they could make the mashups..i wish i had the talent..hehe