Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kampung Salut, KK-Tuaran roadside

Somewhere few weeks ago, I dragged my friends along to go all the way to Salut village. Along the KK-Tuaran road, there are stalls lining up on the sides of the road selling roasted coconuts and clams, among others like vegetables and fruits. But the reason we went there was to get some of the coconut pudding we've been craving for. I did rave about it on my first visit HERE.

Coconut Pudding - RM4
LOVE! You can opt for pudding in a glass (RM2) or in a coconut shell. Smooth texture and sweet taste, but not too sweet.
Bakso - RM4
Some stalls also offer cooked/hot meals like this bakso, fried noodle and fried rice. Usually bakso is served with meatballs, but it's a different version here where it is served with fish balls. It may not taste good as the meatball version, but it was okay.
Fried Noodle
RM3 each 

Would definitely come back for the coconut pudding!

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