Saturday, June 29, 2013

Craft by Ashley ♥: I've got an iPhone! Oh, wait, NO.

Let me check again.

Oh, yup, it is not the real phone. Lol.

I actually made this as a personalized greeting card. It also can be utilized as a bookmark or anything else you can do with a card with 3-hour worth of hand-drawn illustrations.

Okay, now let's see the process in making this.

(1) The first step I did was actually preparing the iPhone template: measuring and outlining the template on a black card and cutting it out.

(2) With a piece of paper from my sketchbook, I cut out the supposed-to-be the iPhone screen and drew grid like what is shown above. Drawing the curved edges of each of the icons was the one tested my patience. I even regretted a little for drawing so many apps/icons. Lol.

(3) After that, I outlined the icons with black ink pen. With real concentration and precision. Or else I had to sketch all of those again.

(4) Put in the colours, pasted on the screen to the 'phone', admired it, took few pictures of it from different angles and uploaded a picture of it onto Instagram.

Ta-dah! Took me 4 hours overall.

It is OK that I do not own an iPhone 5, because I have this!

*Minta puji kan :P*

Ok, there are more artworks of mine on my Instagram if you want to see them. You can stalk me endlessly there.



  1. cool. it looks real! and im actually attracted to your pretty nails ;) hehe.
    look forward for more arts! ^^

    1. Tq :) I am actually not really fond in doing manicure, but then I am so bored at home, haha.

      Then, I'll bring you more from time to time :D