Sunday, June 30, 2013

Craft by Ashley ♥: Save the Date/Linked Rings Double Pop-Up Card

Got the inspiration and tutorial for the linked rings from this site, Creative Pop-Up Cards. And I added in the pop-up words to make myself impressed even more.

(1) First, I measured the size of the cards (the outer and inner cards). While I am not able to purchase the template from the site, I did the sketching/outline of the rings and wording myself. The two rings come first; one with a diamond and one without, like what is shown above. Err..if you can see them.

(2) Sketched the 'Save the Date'.

(3) I cut out the inside card. Then, the wording.

(4) Next: the rings. The end of one of the ring is cut open so both rings can be linked together. Also, notice that I add in the initial A (just as an example) on both rings.

(5) Fold the rings upwards. There are slots on both rings and match them so the rings can stay centered.

Like this. Almost done!

(6) I then used a piece of tape to secure the loose end of the ring.

(7) After making sure the card is folding flat, I assembled the two cards.

(8) And there you go! All done!

For the outside look, just put a piece of ribbon and write few words as you like. And have to keep it simple on the outside since there are a lot of things going inside there ;)

I admit, there are few One thing for sure, I will be crying if I have to do this like, 200-300 cards as wedding invitation. Lol. I might do something similar, though, for my own, in the (near future. Maybe.) if I have all the time in the world :P

That's all for Craft with Ashley.

Anyway, there are more pop-up card tutorials, including video tutorials on the site, Creative Pop-Up Cards, if you want to try to do one.


  1. that is so beautiful! i start to think of ordering cards from u..haha. u should open a shop & hire workers ;)

    1. Open a shop? Maybe that will be a loooooong way to go, haha. Now I'm starting off slow; completing orders from family & friends, because I'm doing all of those by myself T_T

  2. cantik o ash.. sa suka.. pandai ko buat

  3. 3D cards! Cool o. You can make story books too if you wanted to ;D I bet them kids will love it.

    Happy Friday tomorrow Ashley!

    1. That's what in my mind too. Paling senang, Alphabet book, hehe.

      Happy Friday & weekend ahead, Arms!