Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art by Ashley ♥: Name

I cannot recall how I started to sketch names. I just stumbled into few sketches on Google. Then, a blogger friend, Aemy requested me to do one for her.

Here it is. I spent few days figuring out what pattern to make. Then, I recalled seeing a photo on tribal pattern on her Instagram. Anyway, she has featured me on a blog post! Read it HERE, will you? ;)

Another Instagram follower of mine requested to do one for her; of tribal pattern as well. So, this one is for Ana Faraqien.

After those two, I came up with three other designs for name sketch.
#1: The words that make up my name are the words that describe me.

#2: Of the things I love.

#3: Of floral design. This one is my personal favourite. How can I say no to floral? :D

I have decided not to do free sketches anymore. Because the sketches/drawings are based on my hard work of researching, effort and the tools I am using to do all those sketches and drawings. So, I am charging (low) prices on sketches/drawings/design you would like me to do from today onward.

If you have any inquiry, you can contact me through this blog, my Twitter or even my Instagram :)


  1. sorry for the late feedback..huhu...

    thanks again for the sketch, dear Ashley. i love all your artworks. im sure u can be an artist someday ^^

  2. Love your arts! especially the one you did with your guitar :D

  3. love ur art pieces!!! they're really WOW!!