Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sharon & Isaiah tied the knot

02/02/2013 - The big day of my cousin, Sharon and his now husband, Isaiah. I did not manage to witness the wedding mass because I was working in the morning. So after work, at 1pm, I drove my mother and grandmother to Papar for the wedding reception. I thanked God for reserved family parking space since the reception was held at a house yard.

Halfway through the journey and I realized that I left my camera at home. So, the pictures below are the best I could get out of my Tabby.

They had four different food station, including one for vegetarians, one for Soto, and one for cendol, but I was stuck with the food served on the table for the bride's family members and there were so many people around the food stations. *Menyesal*

After the cake cutting ceremony and watching and listening to people who took over the microphone (and seeing them getting angpows for singing), the event continued with local dance performances. Lucky I was not dragged to try the Magunatip dance since I was sitting the nearest to the stage. I fear the wooden stage will collapse under me, LOL. And I had fun watching some foreigners doing the Sumazau dance better than some locals.

Poco-poco dance is a must, and will attract the most participants.

Anyway, congratulations to these newlyweds! :D

P/s: Saya pun mau husband yg kaya, bulih ka? :P

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