Monday, February 11, 2013

A barbeque outing, with the Starbucks partners

05/02/2013 - As a former barista, I had the chance to join my ex-colleagues (the staff/partners of Starbucks Suria Sabah) to an outing, since they won a competition. After much considerations, Tanjung Aru was the venue picked for a simple barbeque-ing.

 One of our chefs. She is really a chef; well, upcoming chef :D

 Err..not my legs, obviously :P

That is a guy in love.

Actually, I did not have the chance to catch the picturesque moment of the sun setting. The above picture was shot by a friend. I spent the dusk travelling through the traffic jams, getting the food and utensils for the others. Came back to the spot when it was already dark and joined the others. We spent the rest of the night eating in the dark and listening and singing to the strum of a guitar while giving our blood away for the mosquitoes to suck. Then, at 11pm, we dispersed.

Our main source of light that night.

It was a pleasure to be able to get together and spend some time with them, out of the workplace, just chatting and playing around. Will uphold the friendships as long as I can :)


  1. hmmm...your chicken wings make me hungry...aiyaa..pigi makan mee sup dulu laini..hehe

  2. siok nya bbq.. n that sunset is beautiful o.. lama suda inda tingu sunset d pantai2

    1. After this, boleh la bw baby tgk sunset kan (^_^)