Friday, January 4, 2013

Self-note for 2013.

Hi everyone! How was your New Year celebration? Me? I celebrated it at my workplace (well, one of them); listening to the crowd next door counting down the seconds and err..toasting espresso and eating chips with my fellow colleagues afterwards.

Anyways, I do not usually do New Year resolutions but because I had nothing better to do one fine night and because I wanted to fill in my new and cool Starbucks planner, I came out with few of them.

Call them resolutions or wishes, or whatever, I think it's good to have set few goals for myself to get me going and to make sure this year kicks ass, haha.

So, what about your resolutions? Do share them with me :)

P/s: On a second thought, maybe I'll let #6 happen by nature, haha :P


  1. since i'm busy with final year of study, i can't think of any resolutions more than about that's it..finishing my thesis & graduating..hehe.
    happy new year!!! ^^

    1. Yup, thesis should be on top of your list now. All the best to you! And Happy New Year to you too, Aemy :)

  2. Dress to kill, feels like James Bond. :P

    1. Maybe just dress to impress. Blum smpai level where it can kill, haha..

  3. Number 6 happens when you don't expect it. And ya, you should let it come naturally.
    ko jual mahal? Hahaa jk jk.

    You wanna know one of my resolutions? (Nda kena tanya pun ba kan). I wanna have breasts. Oops, I mean, man-breasts. Wahahaa. I wanna be as fit as possible hehee.

    Happy Wednesday, Ashley!

    1. Ya, sy admit juga sy jual mahal. Haha :P

      Wah, 1st time sy dgr org pya resolution mau man-breasts, haha. Bah, rajin2 la ko visit the gym, atau develop ja ur man-breasts di rumah. Good luck! Hehe..