Saturday, December 8, 2012

We've graduated!

And so, that was it. 01122012. The day we have been waiting for. The glorious day we put on the graduation robe and mortar board. That walk on the stage and receiving the scroll degree. The graduation day for me and my 24 mates of Cohort 5 Gaya, as well as other thousands of UiTM graduates. The march towards the stage was a total nerve-wrecking moment. Plus, I really had no idea how exactly to accept the transcript and how to address the pro-chancellor because we did not rehearse for that earlier. But praise the Lord, the whole event went smoothly. I did not trip or stumble or accidentally did something humiliating on stage. The pro-chancellor even took two seconds to ask me where I come from, lol..

So, here are some pictures!

The day before: everybody was so excited getting their robe on.

Must.Throw.Mortar.Board.Up.High. But no, it was not that high, haha! And that was hilariously awkward :P
The girls :)

I am very thankful to be able to graduate together with my 24 other course-mates. We have been through sticks and stones throughout the six years, yet we managed to stick together and survived the challenges that came in our way every semester. We owe a lot to our lecturers who guided and took care of us throughout the years in the college and also in the university. Also, to our seniors who provided us notes, tips and advices when we needed them.

Also, there were times I stumbled around and my closest friends were the one I turned to. How grateful I am to have them around whom I seek advices and help during the hard times and keep my sanity on. So, to my darling2 sekalian, thank you! ♥

So, yeah, a degree is secured in my hands now :D