Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-convocation Trips Pt 3: The remaining days before flying home

*Well, I thank you for reading the 1st part and the 2nd one :D*

With Times Square (the mall) located just at the corner from the hotel we stayed in Bukit Bintang, my mom and I ended up going there three times throughout our two days staying at Bukit Bintang.

Christmas vibe inside the mall.
First hunt upon entering the mall would be FOOD.
And the Taste of Asia Food Court on the basement floor was our first choice.
They are currently using a card system for payment of foods and beverages at the food court. Upon purchases, you can then return the card for the balance refund.
Btw, the lady at the card kiosk was a real pain in the ass. 
My pick: Korean Food!
My Kimchi Ramyun. Nothing special with it. And....
I don't know what the other two are.
 After filling up the stomach, we made an exploration and went to every nook and corner of the mall to search for the best bargains :D

A visit to Starbucks is a must. Also, it was an effort in collecting the 15 beverages to redeem the 2013 planner :D
The attractive display at Starbucks. If only I have the time (and money) to stay longer there, I would try every one of these :D

Besides Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza (where I didn't take any photos because I was too tired), we also took a trip to Sogo via the monorail and LRT.
And yeah, sale is happening there now until 1st of January 2013.
Nothing really caught my attention there :(

After two nights at Bukit Bintang, it was then the time to get on the flight and fly back to KK.

My meal on board: Salad from Starbucks LCCT. Costed around RM14; RM2 more than the usual. JustbecauseIwastoodumbnottobuyitearlierbeforewewenttoairport. The thousand island sauce made it taste a lot better.

So, that was it! Five days being there; so much money spent but above all,
I am now a proud TESL graduate!
I thank God for this :)

Anyway, thanks for reading :D

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  1. yummmmyyy!!! omg the decoration is so beautiful!! ^^