Monday, December 17, 2012

Post-convocation Trips Pt 1: Sunway Pyramid & i-City

*One-week overdue. Sigh T_T*

Searching for a hotel or inn with a tight budget is really not fun. That was the case when I was looking for one around Shah Alam; near UiTM to be exact, for my convocation event. Nevertheless, it was a relief to find a decent place to stay for my family and I.

So we stayed at 1st Inn Hotel at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, which is 5 to 10 minute drive from UiTM Shah Alam. The rate for a room for two was RM88; with personal bathroom, TV and WiFi. Sorry, I forgot to capture the room on camera. Too tired upon the KK-KL flight and the LCCT-Shah Alam taxi ride 0_0

After the convocation, we went to Sunway Pyramid because I missed the place a lot. But nothing fascinated me like I thought it would. Well, maybe just the Christmas decorations...

...and food!

On the following day, before we checked out of the hotel, we made a trip with our chartered car to i-City Shah Alam. The parking fee was RM10, with additional painful search for a vacant parking space and extra caution for unattended children running loose around the parking lots 0_0

Entered this shop twice. They actually charge RM1 if you want to take photos of the things they are selling.

You can take all the time you want taking pictures around i-City or dancing under the lights or having a romantic gateway. There is also Snowalk, with a fee of RM25 for adults, where you can experience err...that walk in snow. We did not go for that because no way my parents would pay that heap of money for fake snow. Another attraction in i-City is a ride on the cable car, with the ticket price of RM10 for 2 persons per car. Above all and despite the rain that night, the place is enchanting; it felt like Christmas with all the trees and colourful lights. Would be nice to go back there and take more photos under the lights ;)

*To be continued in Pt 2*


  1. Nice pictures oh! Apa camera ko pakai ni? hehe

    Never been to i-City before. Would love to go there someday hehe

    1. Thanks! Sy guna Olympus Pen EPL1 :)

      Pegi la if you can. Serious best klau dating di sana,hehe..