Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Reception: Bride's Side

June 9th, my longtime friend a.k.a the bride had a reception on her side at Penampang, in Kadazan-style. I got myself, too, busy helping them around, from the planning, food-tasting, dress-hunting to the day of the event.

*Warning: Photo spam ahead!*

Did corsages for the couple and the family members.

Arranged the tables and chairs on the night before T_T

And now, the real event.
*Pictures of the event are 'stolen' taken out with permission from my friends' albums (here and here) on Facebook (I'm not sure if you can view them, haha :P)*

The celebration continued at the bride's home until night. And I got to eat a whole lot of cakes afterwards :D So glad that the event has been executed according to the plan, well, except the part where we had to listen to a female singer in the hired band singing OMG so horribly. Anyway, congratulations (once more) to this couple :D


  1. Hi ashley!
    Wow.. Thats look like a grand wedding, with the dancer and all. :) Happy wedding day to your friend!

    ps: I followed you on my old blog (Me as Germaine), but the blog no longer functioning. Do follow me back k! :)
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    1. Hi Gee.
      Thanks, on behalf of my friend :)

      And I'm now a follower of your new blog. Tq!

  2. Congrats to the couple... they seem like a fun couple. By the pictures and poses they make hehee.

    Happy weekend, Ashley ;)