Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Night of Culture: TESL Dinner 2012

The TESL family of IPG Gaya Campus had A Night of Culture last Friday night, at Promenade Hotel, KK. As the theme suggested, many were dressed in kimono, saree, kebaya, baju melayu, and so much more. 

Here's the slideshow of the captured moments.

You can view the album HERE.

I was furious in the beginning because we were seated at different tables, when they (the organizers) said earlier that they have reserved some tables for us, the senior year students. So, in the end, the four of us sat at a table with strangers juniors who I seriously have never seen around the college and obviously didn't give a damn about us. The foods failed to impress me. The best parts of the event I would say were watching-C5-dance-like-crazy moment and the photo-taking session And oh yeah, cheering for C5 on the stage. And...that was it.

Now, I'm just looking forward for the C5's farewell gathering.

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