Sunday, October 23, 2011

Farewell Pt 3: The Reflection ♥

*Continuation of Part 2: The Mementos. Part 1 is HERE*

During the 13 weeks in school, many teachers there were asking me, what I think of the school. On the physical aspect, the school is EXTREMELY small. But of course I didn't say that, haha! I responded that everything was fine. Deep in my heart, I'm just thanking God that the students were cooperative; so were the teachers and staff. There was no major discipline problem. During the lessons, they made the effort to communicate in English, even the weaker students. Of course, I've learnt and observed a lot too, over the 13 weeks in the school, like these:
  • High-school dramas (dislikes among classmates, disputes between one class and the other, girls fighting over boyfriends/guys, etc)
  • The tense going on between the afternoon session and the morning session.
  • They come with all sorts of shapes, sizes, behaviours, attitudes, craziness, fashion sense, etc.
  • Strong bonds of BFFs/BGFs.
  • No matter how they hate some teachers, they will still go back to them.
  • Not to underestimate the students' talents and abilities.
  • Sometimes my hardwork and effort didn't seem to worth it.
  • The school's politic/matters.
  • Kids will be kids, and girls will always be girls ;)
Some people think being a teacher is a noble job. Sadly, some others tend to spew their hatred towards the profession. I like to think that they did not have a great experience with their teachers in school or perhaps, they never went to one. People don't choose to enter the profession to get rich. In fact, the profession, like any other, is filled with challenges: usual classroom teaching and learning activities, doing paperwork, dealing with various kinds of behaviour, and a whole lot of other things. It was practically like a 'jungle' 

Frankly speaking, for the first few weeks of the practicum period, I was in extreme depression. I came home crying almost everyday. I felt like I had no one to turn to. Sometimes, I felt like I did not do good enough in everything I did. And then, there's the observation part and AE (thesis) part. At times, I was thinking why I signed up to this ordeal: dealing with hormone-raging teenagers, workloads of a teacher, the school activities, etc. It's no joke. But I know, the satisfaction kicks in when teachers witness their students achieve success from the seeds that they sow in the students' self and make full use of their life. I think it is just a matter of time for me to get used to this. 

The girls truly made me miss my school days, and made my life. I have faced a lot of challenges and learnt a lot of things that help me to improve myself. This was like an appetizer for me in this profession in the near future.

My wishes and prayers go to all of them. Amen :)

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