Sunday, October 16, 2011

Farewell Pt 2: The Mementos ♥

So, these were the things I brought home from the final week in the school.

The soon-to-be-diminished gifts. You know what I mean ;)
The snack at the top of the pic (Keropok Amplang) was from a teacher there.
They sent out the pictures taken the day earlier to be printed out for me.
A handbag from the school's English teachers and a mug from the school.

Bonus pic:
Look who made a ruckus while I unpacked the things 0_0

There is another part: Part 3! Just wait for it :)


  1. Don't you just love when people write your name on anywhere... and wishing you well and stuff. Hehehe. I know I do.

    "We Smurfs." Wakakaa.

  2. HANDBAG! your teacher is so cool! my cats love to do that too.

    you must be happy having all those gifts from all your loved ones ;)

  3. i meant to say "the teacher" was super cool! giving you a pink handbag. hehe ;)

  4. *Miki: Yeah, I totally didn't expect that :)