Saturday, October 15, 2011

Farewell Pt 1: The Silly yet Memorable Faces ♥

Yes, I have finally reached the end of the three months of practicum today. So are my other 24 course-mates. Yet, some of us still have some commitments to the school. Like, me and my 'school'mate attended the Form 5 convocation at Sutera Harbour just now. While some still have to help with some school activities afterwards. It seems like the schools cannot let us go, doesn't it? LOL.

Anyway, as it was our final week in school, on last Thursday, a few of my dearest students from one class unexpectedly made a farewell party for me. One of them even cooked a meal herself. And these sweet girls then presented me with a gift. I was speechless.

Yesterday, my other class also had a farewell party for me. They bought a cake, some drinks and snacks. They even printed out some photos we took the day earlier. I didn't know what to say, seeing all of that, so I gave a very short thank-you speech before they dug in the cake.

I brought muffins for all of them! 
My 4 Commerce (aka 4 Perdagangan) 
My 4 Pure Science 2 (aka 4 Sains Tulen 2) 
The cake 4ST2 bought. sweet of them. 
With drinks and snacks. Yes, kids will always be kids, haha. 
And this is another prove to that. It was hilarious how they fought over on the way they cut the cake and picking pieces of cake.
With the pretty girls of 4ST2.
We used to do this pose to our lecturers. Never thought I would get the same treatment, haha!
I'll miss these views of the classroom (even though it was scorching hot in there): the nearest class to the canteen :D

The girls hugged me in the end. We never did that during my school days. How very touching T_T

[Continued in Part 2: The Mementos ♥]


  1. I just finished my practicum, too! There is only 1 month left and I will be free.. I hope i'll be able to get through the final exam, SPP interview and KISSM excellently.. Fingers cross!

  2. I bet Miss Ashley that if you wore school uniform like them, I won't find you in that crowd. Hahaha jk.

    Happy Saturday!

  3. my nieces went(and go) to this school too. who knows if they were one of the students in your class ;)

  4. *Miki: I'd love to know who's your nieces! Haha..just out of curiousity :D

  5. *Wency: All the best to you! :D

    *V: :D

    *Armstrong: Haha..I couldn't imagine wearing one at this age. May look weird :P