Monday, October 24, 2011

D's Blue-Purple-Themed E-Day ♥

No, not my E-day, haha!
It's actually my long time friend, Dyana Amnani @ Donna, who got engaged to his now-spouse, Rahmat at her home on last Saturday morning, 22nd of October 2011.
*Photo spam ahead*
Dowry and gifts for the groom.
Dowry and gifts for the bride.
Aren't the gifts from both sides pretty? :)

Here they are: the bride and the groom :D 
On the production of 100+ cups of pudding on the night before.
I did a review+advert HERE <-- Click! ;)
The bride didn't even managed to have a taste of the chicken curry as it went out like crazy. Haha..poor thing. 
Food from another restaurant (Kiara Restaurant, Penampang) nearby.
Aaww..cute :D
With their fellow friends and classmates. 
With her family members. 

Lastly, CONGRATS again to these lovebirds! :)

P/s: I can't believe she's getting married. Wonder when it'll be my turn? Haha :P


  1. Selamat pengantin baru! Wow purple and blue theme oo. Nice combo, cantik. Betul.

    Congrats to them!

    P.S Ferrero Rocher wajib ba kan.

  2. *Arms: Ya, cntik kan the colours? And, Ferrero Rocher mst ada tu, haha..