Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malam Integrasi SFC :)

So, this happened on last Saturday night. The school was having this 'Malam Integrasi' (or in English, Integration Night) for first time ever. Basically, the event was to expose the students and yes, teachers to the different religions, races and cultures in order to foster unity among us. Anyway, only a small number of students were present that night, not more than half of the total number of students in the school.
The programmes that night.
Among the decoration: lanterns and posters.
1st up: Singing performance - 'Suasana di Hari Raya'.
2nd: '1 Malaysia' dance performance.
3rd: 'Freestyle' cum 'Show-your-moves-like-Jagger' performance.

5th performance: Drama - 'Legenda Mahsuri'
Here were our cute Form 1 actresses :)
After a 30minute break @ small feast and a singing performance at the middle, the event was resumed with a catwalk/fashion show.
With this, I'm seeing future model/s and Unduk Ngadau/s (Beauty Pageants) :D

There was also a band of gong players from Penampang being invited to the event.
Then, we moved to another place in the school, grabbed a lantern each and marched around the area, back to the main hall. And this was when we witnessed few incidents where the lanterns were caught in fire. I would not say those to be least expected, but luckily, nobody got hurt.
The event ended with yells of 'Merdeka' until they lost out of breath.

I think the students had fun that night, since it was the first ever in the school. Enjoyable and at the same time, educative. Right?


  1. So colourful yo... Cantik o semua... the girls. LOL pedobear alert. jk.

    Hmm I wished there would be more Malam Integrasi at schools especially because that's where the mind sets ;D And of course, wish there were more in universities. And do it at Peninsular hehee.

    I went to Sacred Heart, and La Salle at KK. And ya, we were always keeping an eye on the all girls school wakakaa. Ko tau la kan, all boys. Nanti kalo nda berinteraksi with them girls, ada yang jadi gay nanti :D

    Happy Wednesday, Ashley!

  2. *Armstrong: Haha..pedobear? And yes, Malam Integrasi should be in educational institutions around M'sia ba, bcoz we live in multicultural society kan. Mmg ngam btul...

    Ala...biasa la tu..all boys schools and all girls schools. The girls pun like to keep their eyes on guys. Sm jga crita dia klau d co-ed schools.

    Btw, happy Thursday & happy holiday in advance! :)

  3. Happy Thursday, Ashley! ;D


  4. *Armstrong: Oh, I thought you came up with that yourself, but I know it means pedophile..bahaya ni..haha