Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I lost those Kgs...

Regarding my previous post: Then&Now: From 83kg to 50+kg, you really want to know how I lost all those KGs, right? So, here are the answers. Plus some tips!
  • I cut down on my intake of rice and chocolates. I will eat them when I feel like it. It is a bonus that I am not a fan of chocolates, I would say =)
  • Those days (last year) I ate few pieces of wholemeal bread, drink some fruit juice, ate some fruits, ate less cooked meal everyday, and also starved some few hours before meal. Consistently I lost 1kg every month without any exercise. I don't think that work anymore now, hmm...
  • Now, I usually have only one heavy meal per day and lots of snacks! Err..healthy snacks. And I try to eat in smaller portions. Or else I overeat and later feeling remorse.
  • I have not drink soda or carbonated drinks for more than a year now.
  • I don't really like to cook food with oil, so I end up eating more instant noodles (with boiled sausages and vegetables). Hehe..SO not a good tip; please don't do this at home.
  • I do light exercises, like lifting dumbbell, skipping rope, squatting, etc (And I should be doing more).
  • Eat more fruits! I LOVE fruits to bits. Bananas are great food to keep you feeling full. And I like to keep some apples and grapes in the fridge. Great snacks.
  • Don't take shower or sleep right after having your meal. I always wait for two hours after a meal before taking a shower and four hours before I go to sleep, or else I will feel bloated.
  • I eat the most during the day and lesser towards the end of the day. Currently I try to take dinner before 7.30pm.
  • Still, outside food is my biggest challenge. I CANNOT RESIST ALL THOSE FOOD OUT THERE! I also like to finish all the food on the table because I don't like wasting. So, I ALWAYS end up overeating whenever I go out, hehe. So, what I'll do is eat less when I get back home! Just drink a lot of water, eat some bananas or whatever.
  • I also have great fondness on sweet stuffs like candies, ice-cream, cakes, gummy candies, pastries, but I TRY to switch them into yogurt, prunes, etc. Yeah, healthy snacks.
  • I once read a tip saying that if you overate today, you can make for it tomorrow. In another saying, if your meal today is loaded with carbs (e.g: rice), then tomorrow you can balance it out by taking more proteins (e.g: eggs, meat).
  • Don't go to supermarkets or grocery stores with empty stomachs, like what I did last Sunday. My mom paid over RM50, all for my 'food supply', because I skipped on my brunch.
  • I've read SO many diet plans over books and Internet: the blood type diet, the Banana diet and all those crazy Hollywood celebrities' diet plans. Try one, the one which is safe (poking your throat is definitely not an option) and the one you are comfortable with.
  • I would say the most important thing here is the determination. I dealt with really tough situations during my fat, teenage years, so I pushed myself to save me out of more humiliation. Also for healthier self, since I'm hitting 20s now. Haha..starting to feel old now =)
So, that's all I remember. Wow, that is one long list!

Btw, my highest weight was actually 83kg. That was when I was in secondary school, in which I once lied to my friends, saying my weight was 70kg because I was too embarrassed. Currently I am around 55kg. I need my scale to keep my weight on watch.

So, for those who are determined to lose weight like I did, all the best to you! You can do it! I support you! =D


  1. wow...that sounds pretty hard, yeah?

  2. *Miki Aya: Yup, all those are really based on effort & determination =)

  3. Oh my god Sis! Look at you now! wow, way to gooooooo!!!! I'm so proud of you...

  4. iya betul tu! paling penting determination!

    i hope you don't mind if i share your link in my fb page? =)

  5. *Azham: Haha..thanks Azham! ;)

    *Deanona: Sure, thanks girl! ;)

  6. Most of the things listed there are the things I did to maintain my weight :))

  7. i agree that determination is the key to weight loss! I also can't resist finishing all the food out there..i guess i was taught by my mum never to waste food. i also trying to lose 10kg but so far, i think i need more exercise loh...heheh

  8. bananaholic! everytime go out with u mesti beli banana. as a friend who is there to u see transform, honestly i didnt feel the changes at all, until i saw the pix (long time edi) then i was lika woah, kurus c ash. haha.

    p/s: bah shopping dress kita! haha

  9. thanks for the tips!!!
    I'll try these now!!!

  10. *Chii: They work, right? But maintaining weight is another difficult job 0_0

    *Cynta: Haha..I actuallu feel guilty if I waste food, esp when eating outside. And yes, I need more exercise too. I really need to find the time (and put more effort).

    *syam: Owh, bananaholic. I like that =P Knapa tiba2 ko mo supping dress ni? Haha.

    *Miea: You're welcome and good luck! ;)

  11. seja. hahahaha. tp nda tau pki p mn. ish mo suping la..ada padini sm brands outlet kan ko bilang d suriaaa.. supppiiiing hahahaha

  12. *Syam: Tggu elaun, mcm besa haha..

  13. wow i just have to comment on this.. this is really a great feat! well, hats off to your determination.. i recently lost about 11kg also - due to change of lifestyle and food intake :P

  14. *ken: Wow, that's great! Hands up for both of us for succeeding in losing weight =D