Friday, January 20, 2017

Hello 2017.

Yeah, I know it's already the third week into the new year.
But nothing has really changed.

x I am still 1133.5 kilometers away from the husband. And seeing him involves video calls, money for flights and long school holidays.
x I still get depressed from staying at the place where I work. alone.
x I still despise waking up to school.
x I still have the strength to drive 2.5 hours back and forth my hometown - workplace every weekend, even though my heart aches so much when going back to the place which I don't belong.
x I still have the jealousy when other people get something that I am wishing for. But of course, I don't blame them.
x I am still self-centered, ignorant and dumb-dumb sometimes.
x I still haven't lost any weight.
x I am still waiting for miracles to happen.

I am aware that we need to make the year a good one. But wouldn't hurt to pray for miracles, rather than losing faith :(

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our ROM ❤

A sequel to 'Our Process to ROM'.

210416. The ROM day.

Both the smartly-dressed ex-fiance and I were there at JPN Office/Building at 8.30, together with our two witnesses (parents). We had not taken our breakfast, so we went to the cafeteria in the building behind (Block A), in which I painfully walked to, in my brand new high heels.

Ok, so 9am, we headed back to the main building and up to the fourth floor. Went to the counter first to get the remaining documents settled; original IC/Mykad of the couple and two witnesses (together a copy of their IC each), then waited for our turn for the ceremony. We were the first couple of the day!

After about 10 seemingly-long minutes of wait, we were called into the room, where the ceremony will take place.

The simple set-up of pelamin/dais for the ROM.

We were then seated in front of the JPN officer and listened attentively to her instructions. Then, each of us signed two marriage registrars, including the witnesses.

The officer would then officiate the ceremony, and we are legal husband and wife! All that, only within 10-15 minutes! Exchange of rings may be done at this time, but we did not have time to look for them. It is not really necessary, so..yeah.

 Mr. and Mrs. ❤

So, that was unexpectedly brief. A wedding is a day, but a marriage is a lifetime.

Special thanks to the parents for being the witnesses, and to my friend who took some time off his work to witness this special day, and to help capture this moment.

Next would be the reception, which would be few months away. Stressful, yes. I would definitely turn to a bridezilla, especially when the venue is not at my hometown. But that will be another story :)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Process to ROM

ROM - Registration of marriage. A compulsory step for to-be-married couples (of Malaysian citizens) to register their marriage legally. The steps may seem simple, but it varies. I mean, for my fiance and I, it was not easy, since we both are from different states, working at about 600km apart and we are attached busy with work. So after a month delay from our initial plan, we both finally took a day break from work and just went for it. We were clueless of what we needed to do, so came this post to help you couples in this ROM.

Note that this post only covers the steps for non-muslim couples of different states, like my fiance and I. For more info, refer here or your nearest Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) office.

So, our story went like this.

1) My fiance and I went to JPN office (Kota Kinabalu branch) located at Jalan UMS, Likas at about 9am, on Monday. By the time we got there, the parking space in front of the building was already packed, and people were busy going in and out the building.

2) Went up the 4th floor (Bahagian Perkahwinan & Penceraian) and took a number ticket. It only took about a minute before we got called to the counter.

3) Were given a form (JPN.KC02) and fill out the required details of both applicants. Things required: A passport photo each (with blue background), a copy of each other's IC/MyKad and birth certificate.

As we did not prepare the necessary documents, we headed down to the lobby. Outside the lift, there will be a group of men offering passport photo taking service. Alternatively, you can go inside the Passport Unit just on the right, front side of the lobby, where they provide the service of passport photo and photocopy. Passport photos will cost RM12 for 4 pieces, and about RM1 per copy for IC and other documents (front and back).

We choose the express approval which takes only 7 days for our application to be approved. Both of us work at different states, so it is not easy to take a day off work and travel to one place, on weekdays especially. The fiance is more keen on driving rather than taking the plane, and has to drive 8 hours to KK from Bintulu. If we chose the other way, the fiance had to travel back to Kuching to submit another form to be displayed at the JPN office there. Only after 21 days and with no objection from any party, the solemnisation would be carried out at the chosen JPN office.

4) For express approval, we were required to go to Kota Kinabalu court to get our form approved by the Commisioner for Oaths (Pesuruhjaya Sumpah). Just had to pay a fee of RM4.

5) Then, we headed back to the JPN office to submit the form and the documents. Also, filled and submitted a form to show reason for express application.

All these were done in 3 hours. Tired, ok! But thank God the fiance was there :)

6) Waited for the call from JPN.

7) Got the call on Thursday (the same week). That fast!

8) Book a slot at the JPN office for the solemnisation day. Currently, solemnisation is only done on Tuesdays and Thursday at JPN office, KK.

9) Getting ready for the DAY!

Guide for ROM

For application conditions, you can refer here. In case you're lazy to open another link, I've attached them here, simplified for you.
1. Need to submit the application in person to the JPN office.
2. The place of application is based on the address in MyKad.
3. The applicant must recide in the district where the marriage will take place for at least 7 days + 1 day after submitting the application.
4. ROM shall take place after 21 days + 1 day, and valid for 6 months.
5. For express approval, the process will take about 7 days, and valid for 1 month upon application.
Remember to:
  1. Prepare all the things/documents (photos and copies of IC and birth cert) ahead as they will not accept any excuse of unprepared document.
  2. Bring respective IC.
  3. Make sure to complete the form given with all the details required, in capital letters.
  4. Go to JPN early (around 8.00 - 8.30am) to avoid crowd, traffic jams and/or long queue.
  5. Fees: RM 4 for approval at the court. RM100 for the form and RM 20 for the marriage certificate; to be paid after the marriage solemnisation.
On the solemnisation of the marriage:
  1. Bring two witnesses (family/relatives/friends) aged above 21 years old.
  2. Remind them to bring their IC.
  3. Dress neatly and decently (T-shirt, jeans, flipflops/selipar jepun, short pants are not allowed).
  4. Enjoy and take photos!
Next post will be on the solemnisation day. Stay tuned! :D